fraudulent dog license Scam


Lavon Wright, Preble County Auditor, became aware of a scam concerning the purchase of fraudulent dog license through an online website.

The bogus website claims you can purchase a dog license that covers the entire State of Ohio, but it does not give you a link to Preble County. It also claims to give senior citizens a discount. This is a scam.

Preble County does not sell dog license online, nor do we take credit cards. Consumers are advised that you must buy your license in the county that you live in. Locally, dog license are sold by the Preble County Auditor's office and can only be purchased at the county courthouse or (during December/January) from outside vendors, listed on my website. you may also print out a form from my website, to purchase your license by mail.

Again, we do not sell Preble County dog license online, nor will we accept a fraudulent tag.